James Warren. Now you know who is behind "Everybody's Got
To Learn Sometime" (dum/dum/dum), The Korgis'
1980 hit single
which, to date, has been covered over 30 times. And David Lord
was responsible for the big arrangement and strings on the original
back then. He has also mixed James's latest album,
"Innocent Bystander", proving their enduring partnership.
For the record, James's earliest incarnation was as a member of the
pop/prog band Stackridge who opened (and closed) the first ever
Glastonbury Festival!
For more information on James and Stackridge, please visit
For James and The Korgis, please visit www.thekorgis.com And this makes for a very interesting read. "Everybody's Got To
Learn Sometime"
, has its own Wikipedia page, here:
Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime David Lord is a composer, arranger,
performer, producer, engineer...
A multi-talented musician, David
has long been a respected figure in
both classical and popular music.
For more information on David,
please visit www.dlord.co.uk
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