Design No.2 is by BATH CITY FARM. MindIn Crisis wholeheartedly supports Bath City Farm. Their
contribution to the local community's physical and emotional
wellbeing in immeasurable and invaluable.
Bath City Farm allow their visitors to take part in projects that
improve emotional and physical wellbeing "by engaging local
people with nature and farming".
For more information on Bath City Farm, please visit
By choosing to buy a pair of flip-flops, you are making
a donation to the MindIn Crisis pilot scheme fund.

We are raising money to make our dream a reality for us all.
Our dream is to set up and maintain this service because
mental health IS an emergency that needs urgent attention.

The sooner MindIn Crisis becomes an active service, will not
be soon enough!

If you would like to donate time, resources or even ideas
instead or as well as money, please, do
THANK YOU :) For all enquiries, please send an email to for the attention of Polly Gabriel.

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